Sunday, January 7, 2007

(FREE!) LEE ROY MERCER® Racin' Ringtones!

"It Ain't Nothin' For Lee Roy Mercer To Whoop A Fan's Ass!"

All New LEE ROY MERCER® Whoop-Ass Ringtones & Graphics!

A large selection of LEE ROY MERCER exclusive ringtones and graphics for your cellphone are coming soon. Change that borin' ringtone with one of the redneck ringtones from Lee Roy's collection. The ringtone and graphics you select will download to your cellphone in just seconds No matter if you live so far back in the sticks that they haveta pump sunshine to ya. Simply choose your favorite LEE ROY MERCER® ringtone, song, or wallpaper and make your cellphone WHOOP-ASS like never before!

So go ahead and click on that there fancy logo pictured above and get one of these FREE Ringtones:

(1.) "Goin' Fast": Your favorite driver just took the lead, but the top five are hot on his tail. Hear 'em racin' down the backstretch.

(2.) "LUGS": Almost as good as standin' on Pit Road. Hear the lugs go on your favorite driver's car faster than greased lightin'.

(3.) "AMERICAN REDNECK... The Ballad Of Lee Roy Mercer": From cattleAXE, (featuring Tom Bettini formerly of JACKYL and Greg Yates formerly of David Allan Coe.) The track comes off Lee Roy's New-Hit prank call CD GONE RACIN'.

While you're a waitin' on Lee Roy to upload that big damn ringtone collection from his new GONE RACIN' CD he's been a braggin' about, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the downloadin' process by gettin' one of them FREE Ringtones today... Somebody's Ass Could Get Whooped If Ya Don't!

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